Blogging Begins!

First wordpress blog, the first of what should be many over the course of the next few months. This is part of my college course but all going well it should be a big part of my prospective career in marketing/business. These blogs will mainly be on social media (which I am already very active) as well as other topics. Stay with me throughout these blogs and I’m sure you will not be dissapointed!

This is what my life will be like should I become addicted to blogging….

I should probably end this blog by giving you my opinions on the topic of…blogging. Personally I think its a great way for you to express your feelings and opinions on what is going on in the world and giving it your own take. I like to think of it as your on personal online diary, which everyone can read!

I think its a sign of how technology has advanced and become a way of our modern society when up to about 10 years ago I had no idea what a blog even was (although I suppose I was only 10). I probably became aware of blogs thanks to Bebo (remember bebo?) If you remember Bebo stood for “Blog Early Blog Often” and there was a special blog section on your account to post your feelings and opinions. But these will not be standard Bebo blogs I will write, I’ll be discussing a range of different topics in relation to business and social media. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.


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